Artisan Master Baker from three generations of italian bakers, breadmaking Technical Expert and Trainer (Italian traditional breads, classic pizza, roman style pizza on the peel, pan pizza,  innovative products made by pizza dough,sweet bakery products, typical leavened products such as panettone and dove doughs etc., artistic breads) for Training Schools, Associations, Individual Bakers, Firms, Domestic and International Corporations and Exhibitions. Judge in International Juries in several World, European and National Pizza Championships and Competitions. She has some technical articles about pratical and scientific aspects of bread and pizza working process and n. 4 books to her credit. Enrolled as a member of Alimentary Tecnologists Order Lombardia  and Liguria Regions OTA card n.1, freelance food journalist  - permission press card n. 150605 and technical writer. 2nd place World Pizza Championship Parma 2015 cat. Pizza Gluten Free with Leone Coppola. Editor Quotidie Magazine